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"How to get your parents to agree with almost everything"

Teens, this one's for you! No matter where you live or what you do, if you're in your teens, chances are that there's an adult, most likely a parent or two, stading between what you want and what you have.

This is not necessarily a bad deal. After all, your parents run a nice little bed and breakfast, and your free stay is guaranteed until you're in your twenties, or until their patience runs out...

But! As you know, anything you want, such as electronics, trips, and other things have to be approved by your parents. A good part of your life's activity revolves around whether your parents say Yes or No.

This is what this book (and site)_ is here for! When you know how parents see things andwhat they are really looking for, you will realize that there's a lot you can do to improve your chances of getting what you want (ah, sorry, need!) from them.

I have a couple of free things for you right now! (Short and sweet, no worries...)

1. Ten 10 sure ways to get whatever you want from your parents

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