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In How to Lose Your Mind in No Time, Hanaan Rosenthal covers a topic that is universal in nature: how to change your life. However, rather than focusing on altering specific aspects of your life, he treats change as an umbrella subject because he believes any change, whether in finance, love, fitness, or health, involves much of the same process. Even if you lead a comfortable life, he maintains change can be deeply rewarding and fulfilling, and says that experience and state of mind are the starting points from which we all move forward in life’s journey. Illuminating, spiritual, and deeply inspiring, his book is about awareness, understanding reality, and personal growth. Readers will discover that contentment, both inside and out, is not only possible, but also right within their reach.

About five years ago, during a twelve-hour flight to Israel with his family, Hanaan Rosenthal was reading a book recommended by his mother entitled The Attractor Factor, by Joe Vitale. At first glance, its premise seemed alien, but it wasn’t long before Rosenthal discovered both the subject matter and the new perspective it revealed exhilarating. He had always been fascinated with the concept that complicated problems could be resolved with simple explanations, and here was evidence that people held amazing power to shape their lives.

“I felt that an old part of me, which I had long ago forgotten, had been awakened, never to sleep again,” he says.

As a consequence, Rosenthal decided to take all the information he had gleaned and make it accessible to everyone. Transforming his own life, becoming a marathon runner, achieving financial independence, and almost eliminating any state of anxiety, he began working on How to Lose Your Mind in No Time.

When contemplating life-changes, the first question that occurred to him was simply: What’s the point? Married to a woman he loved, he had two amazing kids, was happily self-employed, and had a great lifestyle. Why change anything? However, life doesn’t have to be awful in order for you to want to make it better. His book isn’t about changing anything in particular—certainly nothing material or concrete. What changed for the author was internal. “No matter what your state of awareness is, there’s always ample space for personal growth,” he says. “Of course, it can also be that you live a rather confused life and feel rotten much of the time. In that case, you may truly desire change.”

Whatever your starting point, in How to Lose Your Mind in No Time, Rosenthal will show you how to bring about change and live a deeper, fuller, and more joyful existence. You may find some of his suggestions harder to accept than others, but overall, he hopes you will find his book a reasonable step in your journey.